2016 Battle of the Buildings: Bootcamp

EPA's 2016 ENERGY STAR National Building Competition

During the 2016 Battle of the Buildings: BOOTCAMP competition, energy management teams competed to see who could reduce energy or water use the most in just three months. Buildings with the greatest total energy or water reduction per square foot within each building type category were recognized for their achievements. Properties were awarded EPA recognition based on their total reduction in Source Energy "Weight" (kBtu/Sq.Ft.) between the competition baseline period and the performance period.

The baseline period was 9/1/2015-8/31/2016 and the performance period was 12/1/2015-11/30/2016, with the competition focused on the months of September-November 2016. Properties that earned EPA recognition were required to have their data verified for all competition periods by a licensed professional engineer or registered architect. All buildings competed to save energy, and a subset also opted to compete to save water.

For three months from September 1 - November 30, 2016, more than 200 organizations across the country entered 800+ buildings to compete in the 2016 National Building Competition: BOOTCAMP. During the 3 month competition, Underwood Residence Hall managed to save over $52,000 and reduced their "Energy Weight" by 27.2%, leading to a #1 ranking in building category. This marks the second straight year that Texas A&M University had a building or team ranked #1 in the nation.

You can read more about the challenge and profiles of all the winning teams here.

Tim Murphy (UES Energy Steward) pictured with the Underwood Residence Hall Team.

 Building Name Recognition Total Reduction in Source Energy Weight (kBtu/Sq.Ft.) GHG Emissions Prevented (MtCO2e) Estimated Energy Cost Savings
Underwood Residence Hall #1 Building (by property type) 27.2 106.4 $ 52,132