CHP Project of the Year

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Annually, Texas Combined Heat & Power Initiative (TXCHPI) selects leading contributors to Texas energy efficiency initiatives and leaders in the Combined Heat & Power Industry. Industry leaders or businesses are selected based on gathered information including: industry contributions, distinguishing service, years of service to the industry, and impact on the industry. Texas A&M's CHP Project was named one of TXCHPI's Top 4 Influencers in Energy Efficiency, helping Texas realize economic and environmental benefits.

“This year the DOE report highlighted that CHP is the path to adding energy reliability while improving air quality and dramatically reducing water used for power production,” said Executive Director, Paul Cauduro. He went on to say, “The time has come to expand the use of CHP to its full potential for the betterment of Texas.”

The Texas Combined Heat & Power Initiative (TXCHPI) is a non-profit association of business interests that supports clean, energy-efficient, CHP technology applications in industrial, commercial and institutional settings. TXCHPI champions CHP as the most effective, economical and environmentally sensible energy option for Texas.

CHP2011 Awardee

Jim Riley, UES and Ray Deyoe, TXCHPI