Initiative 1 – Energy Stewardship Program (ESP)

Strategy Title Initiative 1: Energy Stewardship Program (ESP)
Strategy Owner UES, together with entire Campus Community
Strategy Description Energy Stewards work closely with students, faculty, staff, building occupants, departmental representatives, facility managers, building proctors, and technical staff to educate, inform and raise awareness about opportunities for improving energy efficiency and conservation, and receive feedback to ensure customer needs are met while improving building operating conditions, eliminating waste, and effectively stewarding the responsible use of energy. Read more about the UES Energy Stewardship Team.


Objective 1.1: Educate and raise awareness about the cost and environmental impact of energy and water consumption at Texas A&M University.
Objective 1.2: Establish and maintain trusting relationships with customers, ensuring both customer needs and goals to reduce cost and environmental impact are met.
Objective 1.3: Educate users on campus building space temperature standards and help ensure standards are properly maintained.
Objective 1.4: Identify, report, and correct problems with HVAC, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to improve service, optimize performance, and eliminate waste.
Objective 1.5: Promote energy conservation and efficiency and enroll all members of the campus community to be effective stewards of these essential resources, through programs such as the Aggie Sustainability Alliance, which includes the Sustainable Office Certification and Sustainability Pledge, etc.
Objective 1.6: Educate and inform the campus community on plans, programs, initiatives, and accomplishments in the areas of energy efficiency and conservation.
Objective 1.7: Maintain ongoing communication and dialogue with building occupants, facility managers, building proctors, and departmental representatives. Obtain feedback and coordinate to ensure energy requirements cooling, heating, electrical power, domestic water, steam, etc. are efficiently and cost-effectively achieved.
Objective 1.8: Coordinate with departmental representatives, facility managers, and users to establish HVAC run time and setback schedules to meet customer needs while reducing unnecessary energy consumption.