Initiative 6 – Sustainability (Environmental Benefit) and GHG Reduction

Strategy Title Initiative 6 – Sustainability (Environmental Benefit) and GHG Reduction
Strategy Owner UES and Office of Sustainability
Strategy Description Develop specific goals and reduction targets for the Green House Gas (GHG) emissions produced, directly and indirectly, by the university. Monitor and report emission levels and results achieved.


Objective 6.1: Raise awareness of the campus GHG footprint, contributing sources, and ways the campus community can help reduce emissions.
Objective 6.2: Use existing GHG emission baseline with target reduction established for FY15 and beyond to intentionally reduce GHG emissions.
Objective 6.3: Publish GHG data from previous years and track progress toward goal attainment.
Objective 6.4: Actively manage emission reduction program to identify innovative ways to continue improving and enrolling others to help establish and achieve established goals.
Objective 6.5: Support the STAR reporting requirements and collaborate to discover new ideas to set Texas A&M apart in peer comparisons.