Initiative 7: Energy Awareness, Education, Outreach, and Engagement

Strategy Title Initiative 7 – Energy Awareness, Education, Outreach, and Engagement
Strategy Owner UES, Marketing & Communications, Office of Sustainability
Strategy Description Develop a comprehensive program to engage energy consumers, raise awareness, and gain involvement to meet objectives essential for achieving energy goals. This involves developing promotional material such as an EAP 2025 information on website, presentations, charts, data, and written correspondence to communicate goals, objectives, accomplishments, challenges, and results.


Objective 7.1: Provide educational & informational communication at campus events such as Earth Day, Sustainability Day, and other events.
Objective 7.2: Provide information and updates for students, faculty, staff, and the departments in which they work and learn. Presenting EAP information includes outreach to academic departments, guest lectures, and providing an overview of the equipment and systems that make up utility and energy infrastructure, as well as providing data to support research projects.
Objective 7.3: Promote and provide tours of production facilities to support faculty, students, staff, and campus visitors.
Objective 7.4: Heighten awareness of energy consumption, cost, and cost avoidance: Provide individual colleges, departments, and customers with feedback on cost and consumption, Advertising and outreach program, including UES website and newsletter, Battalion, Eagle, TAMU Times, and Distribution A memos.