Initiative 8 – Comprehensive Building Automation Management

Strategy Title Initiative 8 – Comprehensive Building Automation Management
Strategy Owner UES, with support from Facilities Services (SSC)
Strategy Description UES has recently performed a large scale upgrade to the Siemens panels and operating system that will allow the campus to continue to fully leverage the campus building automation system (BAS) to achieve an optimal balance of occupant comfort and energy efficiency through effective building automation and control. A BAS is the integrating component for supply and exhaust fans, pumps, and air handling units, together with components such as flow control valves, air dampers, mixing boxes, instrumentation, thermostats, and humidity control. Monitoring and optimizing temperature, pressure, humidity, air balance, and flow rates (both air and water) are key functions of effective building occupant safety and comfort and building operating efficiency.


Objective 8.1: Respond to all customer comfort (hot/cold) calls, and related issues, in a timely manner, following up to meet comfort and environmental control needs while ensuring efficient operation of building energy systems. Ensure effective document of results.
Objective 8.2: Closely coordinate with SSC to request and accomplish prompt repair of building mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, as required.
Objective 8.3: Reduce SSC workload related to first response and comfort calls, thereby freeing up resources to proactively perform more preventive and reparative maintenance.
Objective 8.4: Ensure that campus temperature, humidity, and air flow standards are clearly understood by customers and effectively maintained.
Objective 8.5: Ensure that biosafety level (BSL) laboratories and other research facilities are controlled effectively to meet all requirements and standards, while also ensuring energy efficiency standards are maintained.