Energy Action Plan 2025

In support of the Texas A&M University Strategic Plan 2020-2025 and the 2018 Sustainability Master Plan, the Energy Action Plan (EAP) 2025 has been established to continue improving the efficiency and effectiveness of mission-critical utilities and energy services. Continuing upon an energy efficiency improvement of 50 percent for Source Energy Use Index (EUI) from FY02 through FY20, EAP 2025 has a goal to continue improving services while reducing Source EUI by an additional 3 percent (with a target of 182) for the period from FY20 through FY25 (See Energy Use Index or EUI chart). This goal is challenging but can be accomplished through effective implementation and management of the following comprehensive EAP 2025 plan.

In addition, UES continues to take pride in operating the (4) utility plants on the College Station campus and the utility plant at the Moore Connally building and welcomes the addition of the RELLIS plant and the Health Science Center (HSC) plants located in Bryan. This brings the total chilled water tonnage under UES management to over 60,000 tons and peak electrical consumption to over 90 MWs.


You can read about all 11 initiatives of EAP2025 here:

UES Energy Use Index

Divergent Energy Chart

Campus GSF vs GHG Emissions

GHG Emissions Intensity