Energy Action Plan 2020

In support of the Texas A&M University Vision 2020: Creating a Culture of Excellence and Core Values, the Energy Action Plan (EAP) 2020 has been established to continue improving the efficiency and effectiveness of mission-critical utilities and energy services. Energy efficiency can be expressed in terms of Source EUI, which includes all energy delivered to the campus or Site EUI, which only measures energy consumption and intensity of campus buildings – with both Source and Site measured in mBtu per GSF. Continuing upon energy efficiency improvement of 47 percent for Source EUI FY02 through FY18, EAP 2020 has a goal to continue improving services while reducing Source EUI by an additional 3 percent (with a target of 182) for the period from FY18 through FY20. This goal is challenging but can be accomplished through effective implementation and management of the following comprehensive EAP 2020 plan.

Read the entire Energy Action Plan 2020 here.

UES Energy Use Index

Divergent Energy Chart