Leadership Team


TAMU is a leader in managing not only procurement and production efficiencies but takes the concept one step further by ensuring that demand side efficiencies are managed as well. As the manager of the Building Automation System, UES responds to all HVAC and environmental work requests and ensures that systems are optimized for occupant comfort and scheduled to shut down or set back during unoccupied periods. In addition, UES has a team of seven full‐time Energy Stewards that meet with customers and understand their requirements to effectively schedule buildings.

UES welcomes and engages in constant communications with the campus community, offering facility tours and interactive learning opportunities to students, faculty, and visitors on a regular basis. UES continues to reach out the campus constituency and its customers by making as much data as possible available on its web site but more importantly by meeting with its customers on a regular basis and helping them understand their utility invoices and consumption patterns. This focus on meeting customer requirements has allowed UES to develop the relationships and earn the trust of the campus customers allowing further reductions to be made. Unlike a for‐profit utility, our objective of reducing our customer’s consumption and cost is mutually aligned with theirs.

Jim Riley
Les Williams
Terry Easterwood
Nathan Jones
Joe Gallucci
Micky Wong
Richard Hubacek
Tim Murphy
Jessica Li
Tonya Foster
Yasuko Sakurai
Bob Henry
Steven Bowman
Darryl Petersen
Pascal Okpo
Mark Everhart
Austin Cocke
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