Examples of UES Outreach and Engagement with Campus Community

Aggie Green Fund

  • Serve on Aggie Green Fund advisory board
  • Obtained approval to fund and install recycling receptacles in prominent areas of campus
  • Supported effort to gain approval for solar power system installation on Jack E. Brown Building

Student employment and engagement

  • Employ multiple student workers who provide technical support to different UES management areas
  • Actively engage students and provide them with professional training and development
  • Support students who are writing technical and research papers

Provide plant tours and informational overview presentations to students, faculty, staff, and visitors

Dr. Mladen Kezunovic, College of Engineering, Electrical Engineering

  • Collaborated to establish Smart Energy Campus Initiative (SECI)
  • Performed analysis of required scope and cost for campus electrical vehicle charging infrastructure

Dr. Robert Blalog, College of Engineering, Electrical Engineering

  • Support installation of photo voltaic (PV) and electrical metering installed on Neetum Steed Building
  • Developed web site for the NS PV project so students and faculty can monitor the system

Dr. Bryan Rasmussen, College Of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

  • Partnered with Dr. Rasmussen on his project for distributed energy control
  • Provided UES Business Office as a test site for building automation system experiments

Dr. Steve Puller, Department of Economics

  • Plant tour and UES overview for Policy and Economics Class

Dr. Charlie Culp, College Of Architecture

  • Overview of building automation system to graduate level classes with data access for class project

Dr. Dave Claridge, College of Engineering and Director of Energy Systems Laboratory (ESL)

  • Maintained long term, mutually beneficial professional services relationship with ESL
  • ESL provides retro‚Äźcommissioning and other technical support services with significant benefit
  • Collaboration with ESL and graduate students on energy projects and retro‚Äźcommissioning program

Dr. David Ford, College of Engineering, Civil Engineering

  • Coordinated with graduate students to discuss and support energy conservation projects
  • Shared building consumption data and advised to support class project

Mr. Mike Golla, Lecturer, Engineering Technology Department

  • Coordinated and developed pump efficiency testing procedures for utility plant and distribution system

Provided class tours of Central Utility Plant with practical examples of pumping applications

Professor Geoffrey Booth, Master of Science in Land Development Program

  • Presentation and tour of the Central Utility Plant, energy management, and CHP system
  • Discussion regarding ways utility infrastructure, reliability, and efficiency improve property and land value

Dr. Terry Stiles, Dean of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Hospital Board

  • Presented to Vet Hospital Board about combined heat & power and campus electrical system reliability
  • Provided recommendations on ways to improve power quality and reliability within vet hospital facilities