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Campus Recycling Locations

What Do I Recycle?

White Paper
Recycling Services accepts all paper which is not contaminated (tissue, napkins, etc. are not accepted). Paper containing color printing, staples, paper clips or post-it notes WILL also be accepted.

Shredded Paper
(for TAMU building pickup only)

We also accept all shredded paper, but it must be bagged.

Includes newspapers and inserts

Office Paper
Includes colored paper, index cards and envelopes with windows or labels

Mixed Paper
Includes magazines, catalogs, books, file folders, phonebooks, paper ream wrappers, and self-stick labels

Corrugated Cardboard
Includes brown paper bags, clean pizza boxes, and pasteboard (cereal boxes and paper towel rolls). Please flatten all boxes and place them near a recycling bin or on the loading dock of your building next to the large recycling bins

Ink Jet and Laser Cartridges
(for TAMU building pickup only)

Place cartridge in original box (if available) next to central collection area and contact Recycling Services for pick up

Aluminum Cans
When placing in receptacle, please make sure the aluminum can is empty and clean

We only accept #1 and #2 plastics. Please make sure the plastic is empty and clean when placing in the receptacle

Contact Recycling Services

If you have any comments or suggestions to reduce energy & water consumption, or raise energy conservation awareness at Texas A&M University, email us at one of the names below:

For information concerning our recycling operations contact:

Jesse Mendez
–Recycling Supervisor
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Susan Russell
–Recycling Coordinator
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Recycling Hotline: 845-RRRR

Make A Difference Campaign

Schedule Recycling Services

There are two collection schedules provided depending on the amount of recyclables generated from the buildings on campus.

1. Route Schedule: this is mainly for those buildings with high product generation. The recycling employees collect up to three times a week from such buildings depending on how fast their containers are filled in a week. See the Route Schedule Map to see if your building is on-route.

2. “Call-in” Schedule: Provided to buildings with low to moderate product generation. The occupants may call Recycling Services whenever their containers need pick up. The numbers to call are (979) 862-2069 or the Recycling Hotline at (979) 845-7777.

Campus Pick-up Locations

Use this Route Schedule Map (PDF) to find out if your building is scheduled for recycling pick-up.

Recycling Guide
Bryan College Station Community Recycling Locations