Services Provided

Business Services manages the procurement process and departmental inventory in three warehouses, annual budgeting, financial and budget reporting for both internal and external customers.

HR & Administrative Services manages the departmental human resources, payroll, communications, training, vehicle fleet, telephone and administrative support.

IT & Energy Services manages the campus building automation system, campus utility metering systems, energy stewardship program, and building retro-commissioning process. Provides all department IT service, including desktop support, server management and fiber/network infrastructure. The energy services team is also the first responder to all campus building HVAC related work requests and environmental control.

Technical Services manages the campus utility infrastructure drawings and utility projects under $10 million, acts as a liaison to Facilities Planning and Construction (FPC) on major capital projects (over $10 million), provides design guideline input to FPC for campus construction, represents UES on campus construction projects and provides process engineering support to production facilities.

Analytical Services manages the campus energy consumption and budget projections, approval of purchased energy invoices, customer invoicing, utility rate setting, cost recovery, energy analysis, and reporting.

Maintenance Services provides reliability-centered equipment and system maintenance program for utility plant production equipment. Responsible for the preventive / predictive program and reparative maintenance for utility plant equipment.

Production Services manages and optimizes production of chilled water, heating hot water, domestic hot water, electricity and steam at the Central Utility Plant (CUP), three Satellite Utility Plants (SUP), and Moore-Connelly Building (MCB). This effort requires full-time staffing with 24/7/365 services.

Water & Environmental Services manages the campus water production, transmission and distribution systems as well as the waste water collection and treatment systems. Provides solid waste collection and recycling services as well as environmental compliance for production facilities. Manages and maintains all water distribution and collections systems, including chilled water, heating hot water, domestic hot water, domestic cold water, steam/condensate, sanitary sewer, and storm drain systems.

Electrical Services manages the campus electrical distribution systems, substation, switching stations, transformers, exterior lighting for streets, parking lots, and pedestrian walkways, and building emergency generators. Provides management and support of the distributed monitoring and control systems in all production facilities and utility plant instrumentation and control.