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Utility and Energy System Improvements
AHRAE Technical Feature: Pressure Sustaining Valves (PDF)
ASHRAE: Optimize a Chilled-Water Plant with Magnetic-Bearing Variable Speed Chillers (PDF)
ASHRAE Technical Feature: Commissioning an Existing Heat Recovery Chiller System (PDF)
AHRAE: Optimization of Condenser Water Loop Control in Hot and Humid Climates
Conference Presentation: Optimize a Chilled Water Plant with Magnetic-Bearing Variable Speed Chillers (PDF)

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2015 Battle of the Buildings
2015 Energy Star Certification
2013 Global District Energy Award
2013 Energy Star CHP Award
District Energy Magazine
Retrofit Magazine
CHP Project of the Year
Department of Energy Recovery Act Case Study (PDF)
TAMU SIEMENS Advertorial Feature (PDF)


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Motor Vehicle Accident Report (PDF)
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Texas Government Code 2265 Reporting (PDF)
FY20 TAMU Energy and Water Management Plan (PDF)
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