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The Utilities & Energy Services (UES) Department at Texas A&M University provides comprehensive utilities and energy management services for the entire University, serving over 800 buildings, over 30 million gross square feet of facilities, and over 70,000 faculty, staff, and students engaged in research and teaching activities. The utility systems at the university have operated continuously longer than any other in the region, with on-site power generation since 1893 to meet Texas A&M University requirements. The utility infrastructure alone at TAMU has an estimated replacement value of $1.25 billion which includes the production, distribution and processing of electricity, water, sanitary sewer collection and treatment, storm drainage, solid waste and recycling services. UES also manages one of the largest and most sophisticated Building Automation Systems in the world, with over 400,000 monitoring and control points to regulate temperatures, humidity, air and water flow, and lighting in campus facilities. When this is combined with its extensive energy management services, UES provides a comprehensive and cost‐effective range of mission‐critical services for the entire campus. From 2002 alone, operational efficiencies, conservation, and management of services have produced a 45 percent reduction in total university energy consumption and Greenhouse Gas output, increased recycling to 65% of solid waste on campus, and resulted in $285 million of total cost avoidance for the University.

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