Utility Manhole Cover Guidelines and Standard

Texas A&M University in College Station has standardized utility manhole covers to be used for all underground utility access on campus. All new utility manhole cover installations must use a fiber reinforced polymer cover manufactured by McGard Special Products (see attached specification sheet). These reinforced polymer manhole covers can be ordered in a variety of sizes, will all have built-in locking devices with an internal release and have a number of other benefits over conventional cast iron or steel covers.

• Polymer covers are approximately ¼ the weight of an equivalent size cast cover
• Standard thickness is used for pedestrian and non-vehicular application
• Available in DOT-rated thickness to be used for vehicular traffic on roadways and drives
• Top surface is slip resistant
• Does not retain heat as readily as conventional cast covers
• Available with venting if needed for specific application
• Locking device will be used with a unique key for Texas A&M University in College Station
• Locking device must be ordered with internal release mechanism to allow for personnel egress
• Available in standard sizes and also in a variety of round, square, and rectangular sizes
• Custom sizes with custom locking mechanism available depending upon specific requirement
• “UTILITIES” to be cast into center of all manholes together with utility commodity name (ELECTRICAL, THERMALS, SANITARY, STORM) where applicable – see attached drawing
• No commodity name to be shown on access covers for utility tunnels
• All covers to be ordered with locking device and internal release
• Use McGard Registration Code No. 9500540 to order cover locking device unique to TAMU
• TAMU Utilities & Energy Services will maintain and control inventory of unique cover keys


1. McGard Fibershield Manhole and Lock Specification
2. Utility Manhole Cover Marking Standard