Water Conservation Initiative

Water Conservation & Management


  • TAMU water consumption has been reduced by over 50 percent since the early 1990‚Äôs and by 33 percent since 2000.
  • FY2010 water consumption of just over 1.5 billion gallons has set a record low.

Ongoing Initiatives

  • Education and promotion to support energy and water conservation.
  • Improved utility plant operation and water treatment to reduce consumption. I
  • Improved automation and management of campus irrigation systems.
  • Implemented distribution system operational improvements and eliminated leaks.
  • Use of fused poly pipe to minimize failures and eliminate corrosion.
  • Installed new sodium hypochlorite disinfection system in 2009 to provide best possible¬†treatment of campus water.

Additional Water System Operational Improvements

  • Emergency generation capability installed at all three TAMU pump stations, allowing for production and distribution of up to six million gallons a day in the event of primary power supply interruption.
  • Maintain extensive water testing and quality assurance program to ensure water quality.
  • Automated water production system to provide immediate notification and allow prompt response to minimize losses and correct operational issues.
  • Installed new non-potable water wells and delivery systems to serve Brayton Fire Training School and the TAMU Golf Course.
  • Since 1993, low flow plumbing fixtures have been used in all new building construction and renovation projects.